Before you switch your Phone Service – READ THIS!

AT&T presented to the FCC, It’s National Broadband Plan for the Future. This extensive plan documents AT&T’s plan to phase out standard, copper phone lines referring to standard telephone lines as “Relics of a bye gone era” and to integrate broadband/network phone lines into every residence and business in America. With only 20% of American homes currently using standard copper wire phone lines, and more and more consumers switching to VOIP phone systems each day, AT&T is gradually achieving this goal. Two similar situations were the phasing out of analog cell phones and analog televisions in the previous decade. Unfortunately, when switching from standard land lines to VOIP/internet phone services, the consumer is rarely informed by the new phone service provider when it comes to his or her security system will be dramatically affected. “Why?” You may ask. Simply put, if a security system (burglar alarm or fire alarm) has been communicating with its central station via land lines for its entirety and then your phone line is switched to broadband, the panel can no longer communicate with the central station because it is designed for copper lines, not internet lines. Switching your phone line to an internet phone will leave your security system defenseless.

"Switching your phone line to an internet phone will leave your security system defenseless

Customers who are interested in saving money gladly make the switch to VOIP internet when they see the savings it provides. Unfortunately, they are not informed that this conversion has disabled their security systems ability to communicate with their Central Station and the first indication that something is wrong is usually a low battery report or a failed test timer. In some situations, the keypad that BEEPS loudly every hour indicating there is no communication between the security system and the Central Station that monitors the system. Fortunately, security companies have been planning for this rather than waiting for the “Landline Apocalypse” when all standard lines shut down.

Signal Service is working on converting customers over to network and cellular panels as well as an old technology that has made a rather impressive re-emergence, AES Mesh Radio. The AES Radio technology got its start being used by the military due to its fast, 100% reliable and secure transmission. Its popularity is growing again today because it allows the property owner to forego third party costs such as a landline phone charges and delivers the fastest, 100% reliable technology in the industry as well as being “self-sustaining” and not susceptible to changes in third party technology such as landlines or internet. AES Radio is available in El Dorado and Placer counties.

Converting a land line alarm system to a network system is as simple as making a call to your alarm provider and they can come to your home and install a network panel or cellular converter to your existing system and the transition is seamless. Change is good, but being prepared is even better. If you have an existing security system, its wise get informed about your mode of service from your alarm service provider. Your burglar alarm is a crucial part of peace of mind for a home or business owner. Owners of security systems have the safety of their property and families as a top priority and the inconvenience of a down system can be 100% averted and your alarm provider is there to help. Call Signal Service BEFORE you make the switch!

Alarm Safety Tips

Remember these simple tips to keep your family or business safe!

  • Have smoke and heat detectors wired into your alarm system. Place them on each level of your home. A monitored smoke and heat detector will notify you and the central station if they are activated.
  • Ensure your alarm is in working order; have routine inspections and maintenance done.
  • Switch to cellular or network!  Phone lines can be cut, but our cellular or network connection can’t be compromised by burglars.
  • Do not give out your alarm code to just anyone.  Only a family member or trusted friend should know the code in case of an emergency.
  • Remember!  An alarm can only protect you if it is armed.  Arm your alarm every night and when you are away.

Contact Signal Service if you need more information on protecting yourself.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in the United States. It is odorless, colorless and tasteless; a Carbon Monoxide detector is the safest way to ensure your home is protected.  Place one on every level of your home and in each sleeping area.

Also, Carbon Monoxide detectors can be monitored with your existing alarm system.  In the case of detection, the Monitoring Center will contact you just like your burglar or fire alarm. Having the detectors monitored is an added security for your family and home.

Contact Signal Service to find out more about adding Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

Save Time… Save Trees

Did you know your Signal Service monitoring invoice can be paid automatically each month with your credit card or bank account? Save Time… Save Trees….. Plus, we will do all the work!

New Website Update

Signal Service is pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved website. We are excited to provide a more comprehensive source of company information and services.

The primary objective of the new website is to deliver full access to the latest technology and offer our subscribers a convenient option to obtain materials and services whenever and where ever they need it. “We decided to analyze our website so that it was user-friendly for both new customers and our existing subscribers. We wanted to add features that would help our subscribers stay connected with their security system,” said Mark Wilson, Owner and General Manager of Signal Service.